Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. November 2016.

Written by Sharon King Hoge.

Now a recognized sculptor whose work was featured this fall in a show at Waterbury’s Mattatuck Museum, Arthur Carter is a man of multifaceted achievement. After studying French at Brown University and becoming a Coast Guard commanding officer, he went on to

a successful career in finance before founding two newspapers and subsequently emerging as an accomplished sculptor. A recent book by Robert Morgan and Frank Rich, Arthur Carter: The Geometry of Passion (Abrams, 2016), spans his artistic output. October 27, 2011.

By Patricia Grandjean and Cathy P. Ross

Stamford Plus. August 15, 2011.
Arthur Carter: Orthogonals.

Written By: New Britain Museum of American Art


Hartford Courant, September 30, 2001.
Carving Out A New Life.

By Kevin Canfield; Courant Staff Writer


The New York Times. April 20, 2001.
Gleaming in the Sun.

Inside Art is written by Carol Vogel 

East Hampton Star. February 10, 2000.
Opinion: Inaugural Show By Arthur Carter.

Brett Littman, an art critic and associate director at UrbanGlass, a non-profit glass arts center in Brooklyn, is a frequent visitor to East Hampton.


Arthur Carter is publisher of The New York Observer, The Lichtfield County Times, and The East Hampton Star.


Mrs Carter - NYU Award 2019