New York Social Diary. July 20, 2015.

This past Saturday, July 18th, artist Arthur Carter opened his solo exhibition at the Southampton Arts Center, which features an array of sculptures, paintings and drawings. There to celebrate the artist was his gallerist Leila Heller, Ellen and Rob Wiesenthal, Frank Ginsberg, Gerry and Kelly Pasciucco, Margie Stern, Cynthia and Donald Frank as well as well-wishers, art enthusiasts and East Enders. Guests mingled indoor and outdoors admiring Carter’s sculptures meticulously crafted from bronze, and stainless steel.


Prior to his career as a dedicated artist, Carter was successful finance professional and publisher. He believes his no-nonsense approach to finance extends to his art in many ways. “The simpler the economics are, the better; if you don’t understand it, you don’t do it. Purity in both design function means never dilute, never diffuse, and never bloat.”


The Arthur Carter exhibition at the Southampton Arts Center, 25 Jobs Lane, Southampton, NY, runs from July 18th to August 9th.