Arthur Carter: The Geometry of Passion

Arthur Carter, who has spent much of his life in the worlds of finance and journalism, is an artist who has created a range of geometric abstractions and whose Orthogonal series will certainly have an important place in the history of sulpture. "Only squares and circles, lines and ellipses," he says, "can elegantly explain and simplify the complex meaning of life." In this comprehensive volume on his work, journalist Frank Rich contributes a biographical foreword and critic Robert C. Morgan describes Carter's achievements as an artist, carefully analyzing his place in the tradition of modern abstract art and the recent history of sculpture.



Frank Rich has written extensively about politics and the arts over a long career, most recently at New York Magazine. He is executive producer of the HBO show Veep. He lives in New York City.

Robert C. Morgan is an art critic, art historian, curator, poet, and painter. He has published numerous books on modern and contemporary art and artists, and he currently teaches at Pratt Institute. He lives in New York City.


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Publication Date: March 15, 2016

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